End users amending lists via dashboards vs ALM


Hi everyone,


I wonder if anyone could share some insight/experiences re: the implementation of dashboards allowing users to manipulate numbered lists.


eg add/remove items from a list


A number of dashboards have been created to prodive greater flexibility to some super-users (not workspace administrators).

We also use ALM and noticed that these dashboards are only working in DEV as the above represent structural changes and are therefore disabled on deployed models.

I had a look at the following articles :




I tried to set the numbered lists to production data but it seems the issues persists (even if I thought at least workspace admins would be able to use the dashboards..this wouldn't be enough for us, anyway).


Could anyone share some hints&tips ?


Thanks !


  • Hi

    Setting the list to production list should solve the issue, so can I ask, what process(es) are you using to add/delete items from the list?


  • Hi David,


    Thanks for your prompt reply and apologies if I didn't even say thanks yet. You got my kudo, to start with : I ran a quick test on a small POC and it's all working.   

    What I didn't test yet is how this functionality responds when flagged against existing models : I'm planning to do this soon.

    If you have used this before would you be able to confirm my understanding :

    - Marking an existing numbered list as production data will "break" the link with ALM going forward so that as you work with that list in DEV, additions/removals on that list won't be deployed to Test and Prod.

    - Anything else in terms of structures/metadata will still be working as usual via ALM


    This means that if you implement this functionality on a brand new model : as you deploy the model from Dev to Test and Prod the production data list will be completely empty whereas if you implement it on an existing model the ticked off lists will not be emptied but any further changes from DEV won't be accounted for.


    Thanks a lot


  • Your understanding of what happens when you change a list to be a production list is correct.