Large Comparison Report


I recently did a model promotion and downloaded the comparison report. The comparison report ended up being over 1GB in size - prior to this, the largest I've seen is 748KB (we save all our comparison reports for audit purposes).


We did not have an exceptionally large number of changes go in this time (there were 1079 changes but we've had that many before).


Any ideas on why the comparison report file would be so large? I was able to open it in Excel (it was too large to open in notepad) and it was only a couple thousand rows.


  • Thanks for letting us know about this. That does sound like a very large report, certainly the largest I've heard of.


    Were a lot of the changes to dashboards? Dashboard changes are reported in a very verbose way so if there are a lot of dashboards with a lot of views then that might add up quickly. There are other elements that are similarly large, for example filter definitions. In Excel you might be able to see which changes are the largest using either the LEN function or just seeing which cells look very large.