Enhance ALM to pick and choose objects to sync with production


Description of the enhancement required:

Enhance ALM to pick and choose objects to sync with production


An example of the enhancement:

Currently, we are not able to move only few selected changes from development to production. The model sync will move all changes as on a revision tag. Requesting development team to explore options of extending the ALM functionality to move only few required changes to production.


A story for why you want the enhancement:

Larrge customers will have multiple teams working on different projects within Anaplan models. Each project will have different timelines and may go-live at different time. If ALM is enhanced to sync only required objects to production, then multiple projects can run parallelly and have different timelines and go-live dates.

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  • This has become a major issue for our team, as one group of model builders fix Production defects while other developers do sprint work in parallel. We need this functionality in order to push work that resolves defects raised by users, while protecting the Production model from untested or partially tested user stories.


    Is there potential for this update to make it on the roadmap fairly soon?

  • I think this is a required feature for any enterprise ready tool, any idea when we can expect this feature to be GA

  • This would be a significant enhancement to reduce the amount of time our team needs to spend on deployment of enhancements and new code.  Not having the ability to selectively package and push code restricts our ability to deliver timely updates for our end users.  Any time we need a large change it holds up all other enhancements and is one of our biggest pain points with Anaplan that effects our end user adoption and satisfaction.  

  • This would help our team and other customers who need to selectively push changes to production.

  • This really needs to be prioritised.  We're either having to significantly delay fixes or having to redo a lot of work multiple times.

  • We're just putting together our development workflow, and I'm really surprised that branching and segregation of feature development isn't already possible. This really impacts the ability to build parallel features in the same model or carry out bug fixes.

  • That's a great idea. Currently, we have to make copy of DEV where we do model building - after we agree approach to certain user story we need to move changes manually to original DEV model while keeping in mind that we could be in a spot where we have development done in DEV which we would like to move after current reporting period but there is a bug in production that have to be fixed ASAP which forces us to move previous development as well.


    Really coplicates our approach to model building.  

  • We like to have one model with all functionality and by using ALM get an option to select what functionality should be moved to the target model. This way we can have a single source model and multiple target models based on "menu" options for any target model

  • Really hoping that this functionality will be coming soon! As explained in previous comments this is really necessary to split bug fixing and bringing in larger enhancements in a model. Should be really at the basis of having a error free model after go-live.

  • Upvoting this roadmap item.  The lack of object based ALM is limiting the pace of model improvements.  Impact is that teams become more conservative on build scope to ensure all features are fully completed and validated across the model prior to ALM.  Additionally as mentioned by others, it is challenging to deploy critical bug fixes in parallel with new features.

  • Upvoting this roadmap item. This feature will greatly help our development progress and make it more robust experience. 

  • This is a much needed feature for speeding up multiple enhancements and prod fixes concurrently.

  • working on large implementations with multiple development teams has been incredibly complex and frankly made customers dislike how anaplan manages prod promotion. this approach would be a significant improvement for the platform.

  • I would be more keen on being able to merge multiple dev models into a master branch to manage hot fixes in parrallel to more long term features.

    Anaplan can use industry wide standards like **** tools to benchmark these functionnalities, or we could have options to use standard tools to use with anaplan apis.

    Any option, this is a must have in enterprise wide model management

  • This is must required functionality in Anaplan to minimize the risk of in development items being deployed to PRD and working on multiple projects and development teams, back to future concept makes even more complex

  • This seems like a feature that should have always been there for an enterprise application. In our context we have routinely the need to kick off concurrent developments through multiple model builders working in parallel, this tend to make our release management more complex then it should be with more flexible deployment management functionalities.

  • This feature would be of benefit. Or more components need to be made production items. For example Custom Time Ranges… I had some development going on that I did not want deployed as we were in the middle of our budget cycle. But I need to roll the year however the Custom Time Ranges need to be edit in Development. So I had to undo my development, make the change and send it through. Also Version as a production list… If you wanted to take another snapshot of Budget.

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