mass delete from users list


How do I mass delete from users list from model after copying. Need a fresh set of users


  • Hello,


    I delete from list by selection.  To clear the whole list, create a module using the list that includes a single boolean line item set to TRUE (as a formula).  You can then delete by selection by referencing the boolean by going to Actions > New Action > Delete from list using selection.



  • kmin
    thank you Paul! I seen something similar with another list but did not think of that fro user list 😞
  • Hi,


    Have you tested this ? It does not work. The user list isn't available when do the action "delete from list using selection".

  • @nathan_rudman.. you are correct!  


    We wouldn't want to delete users en masse from the Users list anyway, because that deletes them from the workspace.


    We can bulk load a "No Access" setting... 


    Thanks for correcting!



  • Just to say, if you did want to mass delete users from models/workspaces, this now available following this weekend's release


  • Hi @DavidSmith, where can I find more information about this release?


  • @Suchou 


    I am very sorry to say, but David will not be responding as he has left the company for another opportunity.  With that said, you can find more information here:




  • Thank you, @rob_marshall but I could not find the release which enables mass deletion of users as mentioned by David.

  • @Suchou 


    You can find it here





    Granted, not too much information on it, just that it was released in August.

  • Thank you @rob_marshall ! This helps 🙂

  • @rob_marshall  can u please shed some more light on that change?

    Are we saying that bulk delete functionality is referring the below:


    1. Through "Delete All option" a WS admin can Select all in 1 go and hit the Delete button to delete all in 1 go

    2. WS Admin can select users of choice from left pane and keep them in right side. Hit Delete for selected mass removal.


    CommunityMember126793_1-1617883815357.png (Screenshot from Users setting Delete option)

    Please let me know if missing anything above (pertaining to mass delete release).


    Reason of mentioning the above is the below real scenario:

    I have a list of ~200 (random figure) users out of 1k users who I want to delete in 1 go from WS. How can I do so?

  • @CommunityMember126793 


    Yes, the mass delete will delete those users from the workspace, not just the model, but the workspace.  I bring that up because if you have other models within that particular workspace, the users will be delete from those models as well.



  • @rob_marshall Thanks for your thought! I understand and echo about that functionality (through Users settings Delete option) which will drop users from not just model but from WS.


    But as said in earlier post also that my objective is to delete ~200 users from 1000 so Is there any simple method rather than scroll the whole 1000 users list and keep on clicking on each to shift to the Selected pane in the delete users window?

    If so then an easy method to be implemented either in Users setting in model or Administration > Users (considering an introduction of CIM).

  • @CommunityMember126793 


    Sorry, I was not clear on your question.  You can do what are doing (which you don't want to do) or you can highlight them in users and then click Delete.




    Remember, you don't have to delete all 200 users at one time, but you can do it in chunks.  So, I would use the highlight way and delete in big chunks.



  • @rob_marshall 


    I can say that Users deletion process must be considered for future roadmap and ease out.

    Thanks for your responses on the query