Allow Version Switchover Date to be changed in a Deployed model.


Description of the enhancement: 

Allow Version Switchover Date to be changed in a Deployed model.


An example of the enhancement:

Users could select if they'd like their Switchover Date to be viewed as Structural data or Production data. 


A story for why they want the enhancement: 

1) Versions can only be updated through the LCM process, as in it is not able to be marked as a Production list or not. This is going to cause some potentially large issues for us particularly around switchover.


2) The Switchover Date is considered "Structural" and thus cannot be updated in the Prod model either manually or via an action. Based on ALM, we will have to make the change in our Dev environment and then sync it to Prod. This means that a team member will have to sync the models every weekend. 

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  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • I would like to nominate this issue to be added to the roadmap.  It is cumbersome and sometime ill-timed to have to deploy your development model for what could be described as a user admin action in production.  Please escalate.

  • This is very helpful option. Please prioritize this case.

  • Would love to see this change made to the platform.

    It woul remove alot of complexity from our workspace & model management processes that currently exist,

  • Just adding on to try and get this moved up. Switchover is useful for FP&A and many other use case involving a monthly forecast and Actuals. Without this enhancement, it is more difficult and cumbersome to release enhancements to planning components of a CONNECTED model when the Business requires something as simple updating actuals/forecast for the month.

  • This definitely useful, be great to see implemented

  • idem "This definitely useful, be great to see implemented"

  • Looking forward for it 

  • I work with several customers where this would be a highly welcomed feature!

  • This would be very useful for us and would remove complexity that we now have.

  • This feels like a bug.  This change needs to be instituted as soon as possible as a fix and not just considered an enhancement.  Not only is it inconvenient but opens any model that uses switchover dates to unnecessary potential risks.  Please escalate.

  • This was released this weekend


  • Hello David,

    This is really a great announcement for a lot of administrators.

    Have a good day.



  • Outstanding!  Thank you for listening and making this change.  This saves me several minutes every week not to mention having to push not-quite-ready changes to production just to keep things running.

  • @DavidSmith Is it working for normal users also (non workspace admin)?

  • @CommunityMember126793 

    No, we didn't change the current behaviour - Settings are only available to Workspace Admins


  • @DavidSmith Since it is not considered as Structural change now hence sync from base model is bypassed.

    Promoted behavior should benefit users directly to change SWITCHOVER as and when they need rather contact developers.

    Is this not a considerable option?

  • @CommunityMember126793 

    that is a much wider conversation around what access users have to settings vs end users


    At this time, we are not planning to change the permissions any time soon.


    With the introduction of Central ID management, we are going to be looking at different/new roles, so that is the appropriate time to review the relative permissions



  • I think this is a step in the right direction, however; it would be great to have a bit more control.  Perhaps the answer is that Model builder and Admin users are really the same thing, so would be great to actually have a higher level Admin or lower level Model builder licence such that this is truly limited to Admin users only. 


    For example, we have several Admin users but not all of them fully understand the implications of changing the switchover date in the model (some won't even know they can do this).  Yes, in an ideal world they would have the training to know something that is really fundamental to anyone who has developed anything meaningful in an Anaplan model, but in reality not everyone engages with the platform in the same way nor as frequently so knowledge does get lost along the way.

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