Ability to edit "Edit From" and "Edit To" in "Versions" in a deployed model



Description of the enhancement required:

Ability to edit the timescale in a deployed model without having to use the ALM feature


How would it help your business process:

Currently during development cycles, using ALM forces you to treat user updates and editing the timescale for a specific version as a bugfix. This mean users have to wait for a minimum of 30 minutes to roll back development changes, create snapshots and sync the models in key reporting periods. If this has to be done a couple of times a day, to edit a timescale and reset it back this means an hour is lost for an activity should only take a few minutes. This also applies for user updates which means if someone needs access to an additional item, it also has to be treated as a bug fix which creates more configuration for admin users as well as time lost from a business perspective waiting for an update.


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