End users amending lists via dashboards vs ALM


Hi everyone,


I wonder if anyone could share some insight/experiences re: the implementation of dashboards allowing users to manipulate numbered lists.


eg add/remove items from a list


A number of dashboards have been created to prodive greater flexibility to some super-users (not workspace administrators).

We also use ALM and noticed that these dashboards are only working in DEV as the above represent structural changes and are therefore disabled on deployed models.

I had a look at the following articles :




I tried to set the numbered lists to production data but it seems the issues persists (even if I thought at least workspace admins would be able to use the dashboards..this wouldn't be enough for us, anyway).


Could anyone share some hints&tips ?


Thanks !


  • Hi @Peter40

    Because the list properties are Production Lists, these are treated as non structural or "data"

    If you have the values in a data hub, you can import them into the Prod model (and the Dev model) without needing to amend the list definitions

    Hope that helps