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At present within Anaplan it is possible to dynamically change the contents of a Display Name (on a numbered list) and to give the end user the ability to change the Display Name (or its alias) as required.


However the problem at the moment is that this solution is not scalable.


i.e. if User A were to change the contents of the Display Name, then that would impac User B, if they were both logged in and looking at the same module at the same time.


For example, we had a Payroll model setup in another system that allowed the end user to easily change the alias they wanted to see or to simply turn the alias off and just show the raw code.


In some situations the end user needed to see the Oracle Employee code, or a combination of the code and the employee legal name, etc.


Another application of this feature is to allow a user to change the language on a description.


This issue is that when you put a rule on a Display Name property within a list, you cannot make use of the USERS list. 



Robert Holmes

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  • Totally agree. The Display name isn't used for imports anyway, so I don't see why this improvement can be hard to implement

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