Display of Selective Access-enabled Numbered Lists


Although not ideal, sometimes it's required to enable selective access on a numbered list.  First of all, you should be able to import comma-delimited text-formatted codes into the Users list to assign the appropriate list members to each user.  Short of that, Anaplan requires that you go into the numbered list and select the users that should be enabled with access to each member.  After all that is completed, in the User Settings only show the Anaplan unique ID (#54, #29, etc.) of each list member that is provisioned to each user.  I would like to see the display name of that unique ID, for clarity purposes.

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  • We have the same issue and request with our clients as well.  @Miran, could you please let me know if there has been any updates or progress made on this issue?

  • Agreed - would be beneficial to display something that is understandable, rather than #Number.

  • This will be very useful

  • Totally agree, especially when there are large numbers of users, it is very time consuming to check each number

  • JBRose

    Has anyone had any luck with this? We have a quarterly review where we export the User Settings as a CSV, then reimport them into a central user access review model. But after converting our core hierarchies into a numbered list (due to duplicate naming on certain levels) it now includes the #XXX instead of the Display Name or code, which doesn't make sense for the final reviewer.

    It wouldn't be as much of a problem but our accesses are very granular and 1 user could potentially have upwards of 50 separate list items that all come out as the #XXX numbers, and all at multiple levels in the hierarchies.

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