'Referenced By' Column in Blue Print View should expand or drop down to show full detail


Hi Anaplan, 


The 'Referenced By' column in the blue print view should expand or drop down to show full details. This would be really usefull as you can instanty see where a line item is being referenced if it has multiple references. 





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  • This would be very helpful.  Even better would be if this text in the references was made a clickable link that opens the listed reference.  This would make navigating between lists of dashboards / modules / actions so much easier with less reloading and searching for things in those lists


    In case you're curious, here's that idea I originally posted...

  • Hi David, 


    I completely agree with you the addition of links to references would be amazing and really useful!


    However I'm concerned that your idea's status is set by Anaplan to 'Not planned' maybe we need more community support? 


    But thanks for your thoughts I hope Anaplan can get it implemented @DavidE.





  • @usman.zia Yes, it is not clear to me why it was moved to "Not Planned" whether it's because it was deemed to be impossible to implement, not seen as useful or something else.  I'll try to find out. 🙂




  • Status changed to: In Review
  • This is a great idea post. As a workaround, we currently copy/paste the "referenced by" text that we want to look at into a text editor, such as Notepad or Notepad++. However, this should be able to be expanded so it is fully visible within the Anaplan window. 

  • @StaceyBrooks I feel your pain with the copy and pasting! Can be quite time consuming when there are references to multiple modules! Thanks for you support!

  • Has anyone found an easier workaround than copy/pasting into Notepad or Excel?

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