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Our company has a dilemma situation recently. We have a PROD model (deployed mode) and a DEV model (standard mode). We are adopting ALM as the best practice. Recently the DEV model is under construction, multiple tasks are being performed and untested, so we cannot synchronize DEV to PROD in a near future.

However, an urgent new import button(with new action) needs to be added to PROD model ASAP. Is there a way to add this new feature only, without any other DEV changes. This is like making a branch in GITHUB/TFS/CVS and at a later time, merge the changes with other branches. Does Anaplan support this approach?

Another possible way is: we make this change directly in PROD (which needs the mode changed first), or make this change in a copy of PROD and then sync to PROD. But my tests proves that the PROD can never be synchronized with DEV any more if we did this, could anyone confirm this?

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  • @abinchen 

    The best practice is as @kavinkumar describes.  This is what we call the "Back to the Future" methodogy.

    The details and diagram explaining it can be found here:

    This does need to be followed exactly and methodically, and is best praticed in a test model to ensure you are comfortable. 

    This is best practice and is used by many customers successfully, although the downside is you need to pause development whilst the process is completed


    However, there is a "get out of jail" card, but this should be used with extreme caution. In the production model you can take it out of deployed mode, make the structrual change and put it back in dpeloyed mode again.  However, DO NOT CREATE A REVISION TAG.  If you do that it will permanently break the link. 

    At a later date when the development work is complete and includes the action needed from above, in the production model, you can "revert to last revision tag".  This is done in standard mode and will out the production model back to it was before the "hotfix".  Set the model back to deployed mode and then you can synchronise as normal

    More details on this can be found here:


    Good luck


  • Much appreciated Kavin, very specific!

    I was able to test this approach without a problem.

  • I like the "Back to Future" approach as much as the movie:) Thank you very much for your tips, David!