Define import name while creating import


When I am creating a new Import Action, I would find it beneficial to define the name of that Import when I am setting it up for the first time. Today I have to go back into my Import list and rename after the import has been established. By defining the name while I set up the import, it would alleviate the need to (remember to) go back and rename it. 

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  • Cross-posting from this thread, since they're related:


    I would add that I would to automatically see the source as well as target modules when an action is set up. E.g., where Anaplan now describes the action as "Import into _____," it would be great to have another column that says "Import from _____." Also, it could specify not just the module/list name but a specific saved view, if applicable. 


    This would make models more auditable (by the PLANS standard), especially in the case where you are taking over a  model after another person. 

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