Prompt for Import Data Source name and Import Action name

Prompt for Import Data Source name and Import Action name

Something that would considerably help with building cleaner models would be if users could enter names for import data sources and import actions during the import dialogue.

This would prompt model builders to assign a considered name, and substantially help to identify import data sources and import actions after the initial import.

It would also be quicker to do this during the import dialogue, as it would save model builders from having to navigate to the actions tab and locate the relevant import data sources or import actions.

If a user doesn't enter a name, the default Anaplan generated name could be used instead.

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@andrewtye @Miran 

Yes - good find! Kudos given to that idea too.

I suppose an extra area mine covers is the import data source as well as the import action.


I would add that I would to automatically see the source as well as target modules when an action is set up. E.g., where Anaplan now describes the action as "Import into _____," it would be great to have another column that says "Import from _____." Also, it could specify not just the module/list name but a specific saved view, if applicable. 


This would make models more auditable (by the PLANS standard), especially in the case where you are taking over a  model after another person.