Unlock Your Potential: Future Master Anaplanner Training at CPX


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Are you ready to take your Anaplan skills to new heights? This year’s Connected Planning Experience (CPX) is the opportunity you’ve been looking for! Enjoy the comforts of a dedicated lounge, connect with some of the top Anaplan minds, and get the recognition you deserve when you become a Master Anaplanner.

This year at CPX the Master Anaplanner team is offering the first-ever, exclusive Future Master Anaplanner Training track.  Chris Weiss, Leader, Centers of Excellence, is leading the certification program and is excited to launch this new initiative. “I am continuously inspired by the intelligence and creativity of these high-performers, and I’m energized by opportunities like this to help them receive the recognition they deserve of this prestigious certification,” he said.

It can be a long, challenging road to becoming a Certified Master Anaplanner. This training session is a way to jump-start your progress. You’ll gain the tools and support you need to get over the finish line, including:

  • A study guide outlining focused areas of expertise to ensure your success on the certification test.
  • Access to the Anaplan team, as well as a few Master Anaplanners, to assist you with the certification process.
  • A space to connect with like-minded Anaplan experts, to share and learn from each other’s unique Anaplan experiences.

The fun doesn’t stop there—become a Master Anaplanner on the spot! At the end of the training, you’ll be notified if you have passed the Master Anaplanner certification test. If you pass, you’ll be able to partake in the ultimate CPX experience as a fully Certified Master Anaplanner, including:

  • Access to the best seats in the house for every keynote.
  • Entry to the exclusive Master Anaplanner lounge within in Expo Hall (includes coat check, snacks, and sundries).
  • Admittance into a private break-out session.
  • A customized conference itinerary, featuring a conference track curated by Chris Weiss, Leader, Centers of Excellence, along with a city guide.
  • A VIP space for every evening event during the conference—enjoy a break from the crowd!
  • Limited-edition Master Anaplanner Swag.

Ready to take the next step to become Master Anaplanner certified? Register for CPX here and secure your spot for the ultimate training day experience (Get an extra 50 percent off when you use promo code: COMMUNITYCPX50). To learn more about what the training day will entail, head here