Maintain current period/switchover in PROD workspace


When using ALM, the timescale and its properties are currently treated as a non-production list, which means that changes to Current Period and Switchover need to be performed in DEV, and then sync'd across to PROD.  This is not best practice for SDLC, since it means you are mixing regular monthly admin tasks with the model enhancement process.


For example, if I had some partially built model changes in my DEV environment, I would need to create a revision tag, restore back to the last 'clean' state, which was was probably right after the last official release from DEV (assuming I have everything properly tagged), make my admin changes, sync to PROD, and then restore my DEV model back to the current dev state.  It is extremely easy for someone to make a mistake while doing this, and inadvertently release untested changes to PROD, or even delete incomplete dev work


I would suggest this should be a high priority for fixing in a future release - it just needs the timescale and related properties set as Production list/data

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  • Just to say the Current Period setting is production data and can be changed in deployed mode


    Also, it is a workaround, but I have proposed a technique that helps mitigate some of then issues you describe



  • Miran
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  • @DavidSmith 


    Time being non production has posed some challenges 


    1. We cannot have time reduced DEV/ UAT models and have to maintain the same time scale as production if using ALM 
    2. Workaround technique suggested(for switchover)  might work for smaller models with 1 or 2 model builders however it becomes extremely difficult to plan if there are multiple model builders at different geographical locations . 


  • @karank 

    Agree it's a challenge and it is something we are looking at, but I just wanted to share a technique that helps in some circumstances

  • sjbows

    @DavidSmith thanks for clarifying on Current Period. As @karank notes though, we still have challenges with managing the timescale in large implementations

  • hi, is the management of switchover dates in prod models something that is considered in the product enhancements ?

    The functionality is great, yet changes should be production data level ?

  • @david.savarin 

    Yes - We are actively working on opening up all Versions settings (except for the formulas) to be production data, meaning they can be set in deployed mode without needing a sync.

    Hopefully these will be released before the end of the year


    We are also looking at what we can do with timescales, although that is going to be into new year now




  • @DavidSmith that would be great, a very much appreciated enhancement !

  • This was released this weekend


  • Thanks @DavidSmith !

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