Migrating Module changes from Development to Production

I am new to the ALM process but it appears the main process is for migrating Models from Development to Production.  We have several developers who will be in different stages of development within the model. So migrating the entire model is likely not going to work for us (after the initial syncing of the environments). The Hot Fix process seems cumbersome.  Can a Revision Tag only capture all the changes within a model or is there a way to capture the changes from a specific module and then migrate those changes from Dev to Prod?


  • HI @Loraine,

    No there is no such way to move only selected changes to the PROD model instead creating a RT will capture all the changes that has been made till that point. Hence promoting a model from Dev to PROD should have all the pending developments to be completed or aware the users that certain build is in progress and give access only to the completed DBs. Once after you deployed to PROD and in case of any quick fix that needs to be done in PROD without moving the in progress Dev activities? yes there is a way to do this. Follow the below post to know how to do that. 



    I hope this helps!!