Query on ALM Synch




I wanted to understand if the ALM sync would work if the changes to the development model are made in another workspace under one customer and then moved to the production model workspace under a different customer? 



  1. We took a copy of the production model (PROD 1.0) from the workspace A (Customer A) and moved it to the a different workspace B (Customer B). We set PROD 1.0 to deployed mode.
  2. We made structural changes to the copy of the production model (PROD 2.0) in workspace B (Customer B) – added new lists, subsets, modules and updated calculations and linkages.


If we move the copy model (PROD 2.0) from workspace B (Customer B) to workspace A (Customer A) and try to sync it with the PROD 1.0 in workspace A (Customer A), will the sync work ?


Thank you.


  • Hi,


    Yes, ALM sync will work in your case.

    You are moving Dev model from Workspace Dev to Workspace Prod, So there won't be any issue in ALM sync.



    Vignesh M

  • Thanks Vignesh,

    Just to clarify Workspace Dev and Workspace Prod are under two different customers and not the same customer. Will the ALM synch still work if the dev model was from Workspace Dev under customer 1 to Workspace Prod under customer 2?
  • Hi @SwagatZS ,


    Yes, ALM sync will work in this case as well.  You are just changing the location of the model, the model still contains the same structure as PROD model, so it will work.


    I am curious to know, how you are going to copy the model from one customer to another customer workspace, we can copy the model from one workspace to another workspace within a customer, but between 2 customers how?



    Vignesh M

  • Thanks Vignesh.

    As a tenant admin, we can move the models from one workspace to the other workspace within the same customer.

    To move a model from one customer to the other, we need to request Anaplan Support and provide the approvals from the tenant admins of the source and the target customers.

  • @SwagatZS 

    I think you should check with support on this.  Since support will need to copy the models, it may need some additional work to maintain the compatibility of the models


  • Thanks @DavidSmith for your note. We have dropped a note to Anaplan Support last week but wanted to find the answer here while we wait for the support team to get back to us. Please let me know if we need to do anything else.





  • from memory, I think our technical team need to move the revision files as well as the model to ensure it works but best to leave it to support


  • Hi @DavidSmith and @VIGNESH.M ,


    The support team checked on whether the ALM synch request an confirmed that the ALM synch wouldn't work. We also migrated the models from workspace A to workspace B and confirmed that the synch didn't work. Just thought I would share here in case there are other teams are trying to do something similar.