Archive selected modules in Anaplan


We needed to create a new hierarchy and **** the old one. We've been running two major modules alongside one another for a few months now. We want to archive the old hierarchy and all modules associated with it. Is there a way of archiving modules and lists but not the entire model itself? 



Best Answer


  • You can't archive the modules or lists. However, if you really want it for future reference, you can use a subset with no items and use that subset in the module instead of a list. In this case, the module will be there with no size.

    However, do remember that the list items occupy significant size.



  • In addition, you can change the type on the line items to no data and it will preserve the formulas. You will need to make sure the line items are not referenced by other modules though so you don't get a toaster. I like the suggestion of using a subset with nothing marked.