ALM - Merge of code branches


ALM is a fantastic feature allowing to easily promote a current version of a model to a newer version in a few simple clicks. There are a few requirements:  the source model has an advance code structure (BASE + NEW CHANGES) and  a destination model version is in a place where  the source model was before these changes (BASE).

The idea is to allow synchronization between models that have common ancestors, but each of them changed  its’ course.


Model A (BASE + Change1)

Model B (BASE + Change2)

Synchronization could be initially executed in both ways.

Model A after synchronization will be like (BASE + Change1 + Change2).

This would allow easy code migration between models that are very similar to each other.

The difficult part may be handling exceptions when Change1 and Change2 are affecting  the same areas.

Manual decisions on these exceptions would be fantastic, but also rejecting a whole synchronization would be understandable too (if it is a possible quick win).

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  • I am hearing this need from multiple Anaplan customers, especially when models have multiple functionalities and the solution team is making developments on multiple aspects at the same time.  It may be that one model builder is ready to deploy their part of the solution but must wait until another model builder's development is ready.  

    @Marzena - your described approach sounds good.  I defer to the Anaplan Product team for solution design, as long as it supports deploy of part of a model/solution while other parts are not impacted.

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