Hide/Move Model Map Button!


I think all model builders will know the frustration of trying to open the settings menu and misclicking the model map!


It will often take minutes to load on large models, with no option to cancel the selection - in some instances it even crashes the browser!


Please give us the opportunity to hide or move the button to open the model map to somewhere on the page that is more suitable!


(I would love to see some stats on time wasted by clicking the button, I know I must have lost plenty over the years!)

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  • Surprised that there isn't more support for this idea, I've been asking informally for it for 5 years. Model Map is pretty much only used to sell Anaplan to customer stakeholders during the purchasing process and maybe during signoff on the model build. If you are the model admin you already know how your model is organized and will never look at it, and non-admins don't have access. There is no long-term value add for the functionality and all it does is cause problems. It should be moved within the Settings pane, perhaps in a View dropdown in the Module section.

  • Absolutely agree.  For large complex models, the model map really has no functional purpose because it can't even be understood.  All it does is "blue-box" everyone for 10 minutes, when someone accidentally clicks on it.

  • One additional follow-up:


    The juxtapositioning just doesn't make sense.  It's like putting a land mine in front of your doorstep.  See below:




  • OH my gosh yes this is like when I would accidentally launch iTunes on a really old laptop. Except this issue happens very often and I get so bummed when I accidentally click on the map when I'm trying to demo something for a new model builder.

  • Hi all, 

    I agree with all the comments above 🙂 It seems this is a recurrent topic, but there is a very simple/quick workaround for it : here is a post/suggested solution for it, in case you haven't seen it already.


    I hope it helps ! 


    I'm tagging the few of you that might be interested : @CallumW , @nicole.johnson , @matthewkuo,@derek_chen,@Miran 


  • Hi @Alessio_Pagliano 


    Thanks for the tag - I didn't know this was a feature of Anaplan A+


    Unfortunately I cannot use the 3rd party add-in for security reasons and I am sure many other customers/partners are in a similar position.


    Thanks for sharing regardless, some users may fall upon this page and find this a suitable solution!





  • It has happened in the New Model Experience and is in a much safer place!

  • ChrisM

    The New Modeling Experience has moved the Model Map button to improve this experience.

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