Critical Field Check


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Just checking if any update an be applied to this challenge!

I have a Masterdata list and module, that has 200 fields, of which 20 are Primary, 80 are Secondary and 100 are tertiary. When a new product is created, I would like to ensure that ALL the Primary fields are complete and display to the user the status.

Current method would be to write a formula IF ISBLANK(field1) OR ISBLANK(field2) or FIELD3 = 0 OR etc etc etc


Is there a better more robust method for checking fields are complete?






  • @DeveloperCYT ,


    The only way I know of is to do something very similar to what you stated, but to use an AND instead of an OR as well as remove the IF.  Have the result render as a Boolean.  Also, since it is master data, please make sure Time is not part of the validation.




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  • Agreed, there is no real shortcut to this


    I'd also add, that, if you can, keep each of the checks in separate line items and then have a check 1 OR check 2 OR check 3 etc. for the final formula.  It will be a more efficient calculation ("break it up - 2.02-18 planual rule", but it will also allow you to filter on specific "errors"