Add all error types and description to Anaplan Connect User Guide

It would be a great addition to the Anaplan Connect User Guide to have all the different types of error that could be dumped whilst using the Anaplan Connect client to run actions/processes in Anaplan.


It would be particularly useful for users not familiar with Anaplan (IT teams that manage the scheduling on behalf of the Workspace Administrator) to debug files and identify what has caused the issue, before fixing them or contacting the system admin.


It could also mean less reliance/assistance placed on Anaplan support from inexperienced users.


In addition it would be useful to have the ability to customise the format of the dump files (only currently available as tab delimited, but would be useful as comma separated values).

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  • Another great idea from @CallumW !

    To be honest, Anaplan is one of the most open planning frameworks I've worked with so for me this would just be one more thing that make Anaplan stand out!

  • Thanks, @JaredDolich , this has come from a direct request from an outsourced IT team on an Anaplan Connect implementation, whereby they simply want to know how to interpret the errors involved/who is responsible. Having this in the guide would surely help!

  • @CallumW 

    We are looking at this, it's in progress, so hopefully we'll have something out soon


  • Great news! Thanks @DavidSmith 

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