Unset as a Production List


I've developed a model and deployed it to PROD. I have found out that one of my lists is a "production list" because a user has changed the name of the items contains in the list. Therefore, I would like to remove it from the production lists. 
What will be the on my model deployed? 
When I unflag Production Data, I have this message: When you sync this change, cell data will be deleted from any modules in the target model that use Planning_ACC 1 as a dimension. ( See attachment) 
This list is supposed to be a structural list, therefore, no change should be available in prod. However, I 'm using it in a module. 
Does the data in the module where this list is applied to will be deleted? 


Thanks for your help



  • @gaetan_ed 


    Yes all the data for that particular list will be deleted in the production model.




  •  Alright Thanks for the answer. @Misbah 



  • note that you can set an import in the dev model, importing from a copy (or even the prod model) into this list, sync.
    You can then remap the source of that import to the DEV model and run it to get the values back.
  • Great @nathan_rudman  thanks for the tips. 

    However, my list is not so long so it's easy to restore the data. 
    My main concern is toward the values that I've produced in the module using this list. 

    I will probably do some tests in a copy of my prod model to see the impact and I can restore the data. 



  • similarly, you can reimport this data from the DEV model.