New UX with ALM


In ALM, we can easily copy the models and change the mode of one model to Deployed Mode. We can use "Compare & Sync" to sync the structural changes to the Production Model from Development model. Is there a way to do the same for the apps that we create in new UX wherein if we develop apps and pages from a model and if we copy the model and change to deployed mode then its corresponding apps may create a duplicate instance of the same w.r.t the deployed model ??

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  • HI Usman,

    Thanx for your reply.

  • Hi @prash248 

    What you could also do is create an app off the Dev model, then once it's sync'd to Test / Prod do "duplicate app" relinking the pages to the appropriate model.

    Not 100% ALM but does mean you're creating off the Dev model and then moving it to Test/Prod once completed.

    I've not tried it and so can't give any guarantees and could be slightly fiddly. Wonder if @LeighRomeo might be able to help here?

    Best of luck