Folders in Archive

It would be great to create folders to group archived models, and to have a more organized view of all archived models.

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  • Miran
    edited December 2022
  • CallumW
    edited December 2022

    Better organisation, classification and navigation - definitely something that would enhance the experience of managing models!

  • Gwen.pryor
    edited December 2022
  • gosia
    edited December 2022

    I hope this is still 'Under Investigation'?


    It would be great to be able to group archived models (e.g. in folders) to enhance the navigation experience, especially when end users are also using this functionality.

  • Arthanis
    edited December 2022

    Something definitely missing in Anaplan.

  • JorisFromSonum
    edited December 2022

    YES !! Also please include sorting alphabetically and search/filter options...


    This should really be a quick win as it doesn't touch any core modelling / engine constructs!

  • pkramesh
    edited December 2022

    We need it 

  • Great idea!

  • This would be really nice to see… is there any update?

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