ALM and History changes


I accidentally make an error and realize it instantly.

So alter it back to the previous one.

My history gets saved.


Now I archive the model and later change it to standard one.


Will Tenant Admin still be able to pull the history?


  • Tenant Admin has only access to check the models inside the workspace, respective status, and users.


    Tenant Admin will not be able to pull the history of the model.

  • Hi,

    Tenant Admin won't be able to pull the history...

    You have to contact Anaplan Support to pull the history...



  • @soumya_in 


    Kinda confused here. If you got the model out of archived mode you yourself as a workspace admin can take the dump of history. Anaplan creates ID even for Mode changes - it doesn't delete the History IDs if you archive the model


    Tenant admin can't help you in such case


    Hope that helps