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We've been creating a structural model copy of the current dev model, but have noticed that the size of the copied model has not decreased in size once the new model has been created.  This seems strange considering the new shell has no data in it.  Is this normal?

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  • Misbah
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    Model size (between Prod and Dev) can remain same if you don't have Production Lists in your environment (which is in rare cases).


    Make sure you have appropriate lists marked as Production Data when you create a copy of the model (As per Best Practices you should always make a copy from RT).


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  • HI @CommunityMember115525,

    If I understand correctly, you are trying to create a model from RT. If yes, then Anaplan will consider only the structure, not the data ie. the size will be reduced. Make sure all the necessary lists are being enabled as 'Production Data'!



  • Hi 


    Can i ask how are you making this copy ? 


    If you are doing 

    Manage model > Copy  OR Manage model > Import (to make copy) then yes you will have same size model 


    If you are doing 


    Revision tag > Create model from revision 

    Then model should not take production data 


  • Hey,


    I assume you are making a model copy instead of creating a new model from the Revision Tags or you have not marked the lists as production lists.

    So the steps should be as below 


    1. Mark lists as production lists. Make sure the list items are not referred individually.

    2. Make named Revision Tags.

    3. Create a model from those revision tags.

    4. Mark the new model as a deployed model.


    Let us know if you need any other info.



    Akhil Kohli

  • Thanks everyone.  I was creating a model from Revision Tags and found that the dev model did not have Lists marked as Productions Data.  Once I flagged the lists as PRD data, and created the new model, the size was cut by 50%.


    Thanks again!