ALM Cell value


If a cell value is accidentally changed in Production.

How can we revert back to the old cell value?

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  • prabhu
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    We can revert back in 2 ways

    Option 1. Ctrl +Z 

    Option 2. On Settings, we can see history, All our changes are recorded here.111.JPG










    Check, where you have to restore, click on that history and select Restore to ID.


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  • @Sravan_Kumar 


    Ctrl+Z Function should help




  • Alternatively, there's also cell and module level history if you know where the change was made.


    - Cell level history can be accessed by right-clicking a cell > show history.

    - Module-level history can be accessed by bringing up the module options > data > show history.


    May make it a bit easier to identify the specific change and doesn't require an administrator to take the full extract.