Copy Model also copies Audit Log History

When you copy a model, it would be nice if the model's full history log was also copied instead of being reset in the new model.

A couple times in the past year we have needed to copy and deploy production models from existing production models in order to handle high-risk updates being pushed from our development model. In doing so, when the copied model was put into production, and the previous model was archived, our model history was reset in the newly deployed production model.

This creates an issue with user requests for audit history, which requires us to un-archive former production models to search for points in history prior to the model copying. Or worse, a copied model may be deleted instead of archived, in which case all history prior to that model being copied is then lost.

Hopefully this is a solution that is quick to implement, as it would be a nice feature to reduce a few headaches as model builders!

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  • helennie
    edited November 2022

    This would also be helpful for situations where models need to be moved across workspaces, as the model history is lost in the copy.

  • CallumW
    edited November 2022

    @DavidEdwards  - agree this would be a great improvement, very frustrating to lose all audit history!

  • Miran
    edited November 2022
  • Michelle Sutherland
    edited November 2022

    @DavidEdwards  I agree this would be a useful feature

  • alexpavel
    edited November 2022

    yes.. it would be really nice to be able to create a complete snapshot of a model, including the history information. 

  • Tiffany.Rice
    edited November 2022

    Perhaps this could be an optional feature?  Such as when you copy a module, you are given the option to include the saved views.  We've had instances where we would want to keep the history but also those where we would not.

  • DavidEdwards
    edited November 2022

    @Tiffany.Rice I like your thinking. More flexibility for the model builder = happier model builders!

  • CommunityMember115752
    edited November 2022

    I agree this is a necessary feature.  We had an instance where we needed to rollback production data to a point before recent structual changes were made.  The only solution was to put our deployed model out of deployed mode and create a new copy of our dev model, which meant we lost all our dev model history.  This kind of breaks the principle of separation structural and production data.


  • Gwen.pryor
    edited November 2022
  • m.angeles11
    edited November 2022

    Love this idea and also the suggestion by @Tiffany2510 to make this an optional thing so that the model builder has control and can copy or not copy the history depending on the circumstances.

  • Niraj.B
    edited November 2022

    This is very important. At times, due to changes in organisation, we have to create new workspaces and move models accordingly. Moving with full history is what we need. 

  • philip.austin
    edited November 2022

    To add a business context, often business planners are taught to use Anaplan such that they drill down to cell history and see who made changes so that they can follow up discussions with colleagues on the reasons for past decisions.  The solution team trains the planners to use this process.  Then when (for whatever architectural reason) the model needs to be copied to a new workspace, the only way to support that business process requirement is to copy the history with it.    This requirement isn't a nice-to-have for model builders, it is a business requirement for the successful planning of the planning team.


    Note, I 100% agree with the idea that this be an option, and that the default setting be "don't copy history".  Even a warning message if the user override the default to "Yes copy history" saying "copying the history can dramatically impact the time for the copy" (since it means downtime for users during the process, and I realize this can take days...

  • Yes, we are running into this exact same use case here.

  • david.savarin
    edited February 2023

    I might add that in case of when a model has been rendered unusable in production due to a sync that removed key data or some similar major incident, currently you d run into a huge issue in term of audit track as you :

    - cannot use the existing prod model as it s now unusable and as it was synced, you cannot go back to a previous state

    - can use a previous archive backup to set back up production But without the history log.

    While going to the original model, unarchive it to search for the log can be done when your anaplan models are few, when scaling up to enterprise solutions, it becomes unsustainable

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