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Hi team,


I'm trying to remove certain users from the Tenant Admin User section but the full User list is not appearing, I am assuming it is because these users that are not appearing are Workspace Administrators?


Is there a way I can remove the users from the Tenant Admin section rather than having to remove them from each model?




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  • @LipChean_Soh 

    Coincidentally I was just asked the same question as @MarkTurkenburg  by our tenant administrator last night.

    If we want to permanently delete the user that's already been disabled do we have to re-enable it and give it access to a model first?

    Then a workspace admin presumably can go in and delete that user permanently?



  • Hi @JaredDolich 


    Since this is not something i can easily test, i believe disabling users prevents the disabled user from logging into Anaplan, but it doesn't stop a Workspace Admin from deleting the disabled user from the relevant workspace/models, i.e. you need not reactivate the disabled users prior to deleting them.


    Do let us know if you manage to do a test with your users.




  • @LipChean_Soh as always, thanks for the response.

    I forgot to mention the disabled user doesn't show up in any models so there's no way to delete them.

    I'll log a ticket with support and see what they say. Then I'll post it here.

    By the way, I have the same problem. I'm not a tenant admin so there's no way for me to test either!


  • Hi @JaredDolich , @MarkTurkenburg 


    I just checked with a colleague.


    At the moment, all userID that has ever been created will remain in your Tenant Administration, including those that have been deleted (this explains the inconsistency experienced by Jared).


    Within Tenant Administration, UserID cannot be deleted, they can only be disabled.


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  • Thanks @LipChean_Soh  & @JaredDolich 


    I'll work with the support team to track down with Tenant those Users are located