ALM Sync Error


Hi Everyone,


I am facing the below issue while performing sync to the Production Model. Is there any solution for the same...?





Ankur Sonthalia.








  • @Ankur.Sonthalia 


    It looks like there is a lot of pending development that is being pulled from Dev. Although I haven't come across such error in the past I would recommend you break the development into multiple pieces (here multiple Revision Tags) and then sync it.


    Best Practices around Revisions Tags dictate that One Revision Tag should be created everyday because that allows you to debug the issues quickly and efficiently




  • Hi @Ankur.Sonthalia 


    The error message you're receiving indicates that the Compare & Sync that you wanted to do will increase your deployed model workspace to a point larger than your allocated workspace.


    For example, 

    1. Assuming you have a structural list 'Cost Center' (Note that in normal circumstances, Cost Center should be a Production List). 

    2. During the 1st round of development, you have 100 Cost Centers, and after Compare & Sync, all 100 Cost Centers are transported to the deployed model, your deployed model's workspace is 20Gb. Assume the workspace which contains your deployed model has 40Gb, so Compare & Sync is successful.

    3. During the 2nd round of development, you have 5000 Cost Centers, and when you try to do Compare & Sync, the required workspace for the deployed model will increase to 45Gb. This won't be allowed because you only have 40Gb.


    So it seems that you have the following 3 options, you can perform any or all of the options:

    1. Perform model optimization, so that workspace is freed up.

    2. Assuming your deployed workspace hasn't hit 130Gb, you can request for more workspace.

    3. Archive unused models to free up workspace.




  • Hi Ankur,


    The reason for this is the fact that your Production Model is exceeding the size limit of your workspace. If I count the cell count (2507859900) thats showing up in the picture you have shared, its roughly 18 GBs. So, I will suggest the following things. 


    1. If you have another workspace, then consider moving the other models to a different workspace.


    2. If you have only 1 workspace available, and its approaching size limit, consider optimising your model. Numerous ways of optimising model can be read in the below article


    3. As Misbah pointed out, its best to have Revision Tag for any significant change, so that you may get to know which change is impacting the sizing issue.