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Would be really handy if Anaplan did either one of the following actions for import data sources:

  • Set the default file type as everyone or;
  • Permanently saves files regardless of default file type selected.

This would really assist in debugging and remapping import files.

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  • @Nicolas Cadier 


    I think "Set Private Option" is not the culprit. What should stay is the mapping of the file - mapping should never be taken away even if the private file has vanished after 48 hours

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  • Indeed, it is quite annoying that the re-mapping and debugging of an import action are not available anymore for an admin if the file is deleted.

    Even the file was saved with "Everyone" or "Admins only" options, copying the model will make the file disappear in the target model. 


    Indeed, as  @Misbah mentioned, the culprit here is the availability of the re-mapping for the import action rather than saving the file with some default settings. 

    The file could be deleted for different reasons, but the metadata of the file (file structure) should be always available to workspace admins even no file is "saved" or "available" anymore on the Anaplan server. 


    Below some other explanations:


    I always use as "best practice" to save the import files with the option "Admins only".

    This way all the workspace admins will be able to debug the import action. 


    The files saved on Anaplan server when the import action is created or a manual upload is done in "Import data sources" tab it is used only for 2 reasons:

     1. To have a "reference file" structure in order to create the mappings of the import action (metadata of the file)

     2. Use this saved file if the import action is launched directly from the "Settings" view or REST APIs or Anaplan Connect calls when no upload file is provided. 


    In the end, only the workspace admins could launch directly an action from "Settings" tab. 

    The normal users cannot see the "Settings" tab, but they could have access to launch the actions without providing any file through REST APIs or Anaplan Connect.


     In order to make again available the action mappings and see the file metadata, it is possible only by uploading the file directly in the "Import data sources" a file with exactly the same name. 

     Just be careful that the file needs to be with exactly the same structure as the initial file because re-importing the file will overwrite the all file structure (file metadata).


     The import action mappings are always correctly saved because if it is provided a correct file in a dashboard published import action, the action works correctly, even the "saved file" in "Import data sources" is not available anymore.


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