ALM and dashboards




I am developing an ALM model, that has 1 Dev model, to many Prod models.


I have a question about dashboards.  Is there a way to have good looking headings?  In my example each prod model will cover different legal entities, and I will like to display that information on the front page.


In the old approach I could have a text box, with Heading 1 Style.   In ALM, to keep it generic, I can only lookup the Legal entity in a module and Publish the selected line item, but I have to have the Line Item Name, as well as the result,  and don't have the same formatting options. 


Is there way to link text to cells, like how you can in the forum using @ for example?  


  • I think the classic UX lack this feature. You are right, when you make it a lookup, it will be a line item and you cannot increase its text size or change font style.


    There is no way a text box can be linked to a cell in the model.


    May be you can think of New UX, but there is no ALM yet.




  • Hi,


    Why not use the images on dashboards feature?

    Create the headings you want in a temp dashboard


    Take a screenshot of each text heading and store it in an image module. The image module can have the dimension of either the legal entity list or a fake list with the number of members matching the number of legal entities



    Create a module with no dimensions and 2 line items. Formulas below:



    Now publish this image to your dashboard






    After the ALM sync, make sure to update the lookup in this module (the Lookup line item) to the correct lookup in each prod model. Ex: Legal Entity 2 should lookup fake list item 2. That will ensure the correct image appears in the dashboard. I merely changed the lookup and this automatically updated the dashboard (screenshot below)





    If you don't want to use the boring Anaplan heading, you can create your own heading for each entity and just update the link in the images store module


    Let me know if this works for you!