Question about the February 22, 2020 Upgrade - ALM Restore Points & Documentation


Hi everyone!

I just reviewed the changes in the 2/22/2020 upgrade - thank you for these and for working Saturday to implement!


I had a few questions. 

I was hoping someone could answer these. @VickiA  maybe you can help.

ALM Restore Points

For the ALM restore points, I wasn't sure what was the change. In testing this out, I see the following:

Here's the history list for my development model. I noticed that it does not contain an ID and does not change after I do a sync with production.


Here's the production model after the sync. It has an ID but only one restore point.


My question is what is the new intended best practice for restoring the production model to before the sync for when the sync is successful and when the sync fails? The upgrade mentions there's supposed to be a restore point before and after the sync but I only see one. And, the source model doesn't have an ID. 

Documented Cases

One other smaller question - In the release notes, a whole bunch of cases are documented. Should I assume this means all these cases have been resolved in this upgrade? It didn't say that explicitly. Many of them look unrelated to the enhancements.

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  • anirudh
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    Hi Jared,


    Here's a screenshot of my PROD model history description after a successful sync:




    Both the 'Begin sync revision' and 'Sync revision completed' are both showing up for me and it's indeed funny that it isn't visible for you.

    Also, in case of a failed sync, doesn't the PROD model automatically restore the model to a point just before the sync began; I doubt ALM now syncs models partially until a failure point but would definitely like to know if that's the case now!




  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @JaredDolich 


    I think you need to scroll down to see the " Begin Sync Revision " tag. Find below attached screenshot from my PROD Model.




    # Here's the history list for my development model. I noticed that it does not contain an ID and does not change after I do a sync with production

    This is normal behavior as previously. Even before the new Feb released there was no ID generated once you add the revision tag.









  • nathan_rudman
    Hi Jared,

    If the sync fails, the prod model returns to its previous state.
    You don't have to do anything in DEV but ultimately you'll have to find out what's causing the error and remove it from your DEV if you want to sync later


  • @anirudh and @Akhtar.shahbaz 

    Thank you both! I really appreciate the insight.

    Between the two of you I found the begin sync in my prod model but that leads me to question the same thing you did @anirudh which is does prod restore back to the begin point? Because restoring a production model would presumably unsync from development so why would anyone do that? 

    Do either of you know what the best practice should be if the sync fails?

    - Does prod go back to the restore point from to the beginning of sync? I'm guessing that's the case, otherwise we might be out of sync with development if we did it manually.

    - Are we supposed to do something in development? If so, I'm confused what would be the steps.

    I tried to get my ALM to fail but can't so it's hard for me to test this scenario.


  • @anirudh , @Akhtar.shahbaz , @nathan_rudman 

    Thanks for these awesome answers!

    I marked them all as solutions!