Search Functionality in 'Manage Models' Window


With mature Anaplan workspaces, there are typically dozens of models that would have been created during Foundations, development or for sandbox uses. 

As the list of models grows, it becomes hard to scroll through the list to find a specific model. 

This difficulty is especially evident in partners' workspaces, where there are potentially hundreds of archived models and finding an archived model takes significant effort from the list.


Please look at this screenshot for example, to gauge how much a user would need to scroll to find a model.



The ask for Anaplan is to add a 'Search' functionality in the 'Manage Models' popup window, to make it easier for users to find models. 



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  • This feature would definitely be helpful. 


    Currently as a workaround users can do Cmd + f / Ctrl + f to open the browsers search box and use this to navigate the model management dialog. 

  • It would be nice to be able to search multiple workspaces at the same time. I have recieved many requests from users that think they don't have access to a model, but that is because they are in the wrong workspace. A master search field would be helpful.

  • Nice idea @pvijayteja! Can totally see how, particularly on archive, that would be beneficial to all.

  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • wquan

    I like this idea! To be honest, I'd probably be more likely to clean up my archived models so that I didn't have to search so much if we could have a flag that doesn't allow the deletion of certain models... my biggest fear when doing cleanups in my workspace

  • Status changed to: In Review

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