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I am creating an ALM model, so that we ideally have 1 Dev model to multi prod models.  Is there anyway to create a Boolean or some setting so that some dashboards aren't visible on some prod models, but are in others?

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  • thanks @JaredDolich  that will work


    I just wonder long term if that will create a lot of different roles and complexity in having to track them.  


    that the ability to hide, a part of the structure of a module or whole dashboard could be part of ALM.

  • @alismith 

    You make a good point.

    There are a lot of submitted ideas on the idea exchange for object level migration in ALM.

    As you probably know, right now, you have to promote the entire model (all structure). The complexity of object level migration is pretty high but I know that the Anaplan team is working on some possible ways to get us there.


    In addition to roles, I've seen some pretty creative uses of DCA and Selective Access but that probably won't work if you need dashboards to be hidden/displayed. 


  • @JaredDolich 


    would the use of selective access and DCA allow me to hide certain module views on a particular dashboard?  as I think i will need that as well


    so might be interested in seeing how people did use them, if you have those resources on hand



  • @alismith 

    Unfortunately, DCA will only help with what values are shown on the grid and whether they are read or write.

    Can you can modify your dashboards so that instead of a different dashboard for each production instance you only have one?

    Then you can modify what is shown in the grid between selective access and DCA.

    If multiple dashboards / production models is a requirement, the only way I can think of to solve your use-case is to use roles.