Ability to Compare Changes Between Current Model State and Last Revision Tag


Need an ability to compare changes between current model state and last revision tag, so that we know what all changes are to be part of future revision Tag.


Existing feature include comparing changes between two Revision Tags - however this option is kind of reactive in nature and not proactive. Meaning you really can't do much about it and if any change that other model builder has done, which wasn't supposed to be pushed, has to be reverted in another Revision Tag.

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  • Miran
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  • Hi - This can be done now

    On the revision tags screen, against each revision tag you will see a compare button



    Click the "compare" button for the desired revision tag and you will see a dialogue like this.


    This allows you to chose any two revision tags and compare changes

    I hope this helps


  • Misbah



    Yes we do have that feature but that is comparing Revision Tag vs Revision Tag. What I am proposing is a mechanism which will allow me to compare Last Revision Tag and Current Model (without Revision Tag) - basically somehow locking the model without creating Revision tag and if I am happy with the changes I create new RT and push it to Prod.



  • For ALM to work, the changes do need to be "written" to a log.  I will explore further but I doubt we will be able to compare changes without the tag being created


  • Misbah

    Thanks @DavidSmith . Just an idea and I am sure it we will have a cherry on the cake, otherwise we still have a cake.

  • David,


    It's been almost 5 months. Any updates on this?




  • @rama.narravula 

    As you probably know, we have a lot of priorities to balance and currently this one is not the highest

    That said, we are looking at a few ALM/Revision Tag changes, and I will add this into the discussion

    Thanks for your patience


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