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We currently have ALM set up between our DEV -> QA and DEV -> PROD models in our workspace. We have 1 DEV and 2 PROD with the same DEV model. So now the Production workspace is almost full, so we are planning to move one of the PROD model into a new workspace. Please confirm if we will still be able to sync any changes made to the DEV model with the PROD model in a new workspace using ALM without disturbing the DEV->QA & DEV- PROD link. Also can you please let me know if production data will be intact or it will get deleted if we move the workspaces.

Please also mention any exception or things to keep in check when we are moving a PROD model to a different workspace.

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  • Misbah
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    You have to keep few things in mind


    1. Copy User base of your Current Production model to the New Production Model and revoke the access for others

    2. If your Current Production model is the Source Model (i.e., Sends data to any other model) then you have to change the import data source for all the actions under the Source Model Mapping

    3. All the exports that are scheduled needs to be amended and furnished with new model ID & workspace ID


    Hope that helps



  • @gdewan 


    When you move the model from one workspace to another - it creates a new Revision tag in target model and loses all the prior revision tags. Which means it will break the Sync.


    We as model builders can't copy the Revision files/ Revision tags from one WS to another but I believe Anaplan technical team can. You can raise a ticket with Anaplan Support and request them to import the model with all revision tags intact -so that you don't lose the sync and its BAU for you.


    @rob_marshall  Did I get it right? 


    Hope that helps


  • Thanks @Misbah 


    I raised a similar support ticket with Anaplan support last year and below was their reply

    " From a high level though, the synchronous relationship should not be affected and should work, and the latest revision tag will be carried over once the copy is complete to the new workspace (however, model history will be lost)."


  • @girik 


    Yep that's true. It carries only the latest Revision tag as soon as you import the model into new workspace and doesn't carry over all the previous revision tags. Just did a POC on this and sync seems to be broken with the Dev. Let's see what @rob_marshall  has to say. 


    @Jared Dolich Feel free to chime in.

  • @gdewan @Misbah ,


    If I am understanding you correctly, you are only wanting to move Prod1 to a new workspace, correct?  If so, just do a copy of the entire model to the new workspace, no need for a revision or anything like that.  When you do that, your ALM will still remain intact.



  • Thanks, @rob_marshall @Misbah 


    I tried a POC for the same and the ALM is intact. Are there any other things to keep in mind while moving a production model to a new workspace for the following?

    1. Import Data source

    2. Source Models

    3. Production Data

    4. Scheduled Import Actions




  • Thanks, @Misbah for sharing the information 

  • @gdewan ,


    One more thing, if you have any automation from an external source (Anaplan Connect, SnapLogic, Boomi, Informatica Cloud), then you will need to update the workspace ID as well as the model ID as those have now changed since it is in essence a brand new model.



  • @rob_marshall @Amish related question.

    Workspace 1 has Model A and Model B, which consume 97% of the workspace size.


    We want to move Model B to Workspace 2. Example below:
    BEFORE: Workspace 1 Model A and Model B
    AFTER: Workspace 1 Model A, Workspace 2 Model B

    Will this move break the 'Source Model' connection on the respective pages for Model B?


    We think the pages will follow the model, or at worst, we have to relink the pages via the 'Source Model' connection. Example below:
    BEFORE: Page 1 is linked to Workspace 1 Model B
    AFTER: Page 1 is linked to Workspace 2 Model B

    Are there any other items/risks to consider?

  • @Joshua.Huilar 


    Yes, that will work...You would just need to update the following sources:

    • in target models (models using the moved model as a source via actions), Source Models


    • from a UX perspective,  click on the App and go to Manage this App, select Manage Models and change the workspace




  • Hi @rob_marshall @Misbah,

    Could you please explain the steps for importing a model to a new workspace? I don't find a detailed procedure on the community.

    Thanks for your help

  • JaredDolich
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    To copy a model to another workspace the model must belong to the same tenant. If you're copying the model to a different tenant you will have to ask [email protected] to copy it for you.

  • Emmeline
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    Hi @JaredDolich

    Yes they will be on the same tenant. So I guess it is my responsability, but I would know how?

    The link you sent only explains till step 5 😞

  • @Emmeline Yeah, the rest is pretty straight-forward. You should be fine.