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I have an #Employees list with Selective Access enabled.


The Source module has the #Employees list with properties such as Department etc as line items. My target module has Department as a Dimension and I wish to SUM on Department but it is returning the value of all the List items with that Department, not just the items this User has access to


Should the value returned not only be the SUM of items that match the formula criteria for which the User has access to?


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  • nathan_rudman

    In Anaplan, unless you have the user as a dimension of the line item, calculation executes independently from user access.

    If you give access to a module that has aggregated information, the user will see them, regardless of their access at a more granular level.


  • Misbah



    If the selective access is enabled on Employee list then it won't work when you are SUMming on Departments. You have to apply selective access on Departments in order for that to work


    Hope that helps


  • Thanks @nathan_rudman  that makes sense


    So Selective Access does not change any formulas or rollups within Anaplan, merely hides list items from view. If you reference a list without a common dimension it will return the top level, even if the User only has access to certain child items (This is also true of Lookups, Select & SUM functions)


    To adjust the rollups to attain the aggregated/top level view for the User you need to create line items that are dimensionalsed by User & the value is only returned if the User has access (determined by a Boolean). This will create a line item with only the values for which they have access and the Top level will be the aggregation of these values



  • correct.


    that's why we often try to create a level in hierarchies that match user groups, so it simplifies this

  • ok yes that makes sense


    Do you have a link to any articles about this? Would be helpful


    I'm rolling out Connected Planning and the most difficult aspect if creating dashboards which the correct data per User for totals etc