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In a normal non ALM model, I am able to have a button, a create action, on my dashboard.  This adds an item to a list called Rate Range L2, which is a child of Rate Range L1.  This allows me to let users create a new line so they can add date ranges.  they have to manually add the start and end date in the module, but that isn't an issue. 

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When I try to do the same in an ALM model, in the deployed model, i get a  warning "Invalid selection, please select items from the 'Rate Range L1' list"


The 2 lists, Rate Range L1 and L2 are set as production data, and the method works fine in the Dev model, just not when it is deployed.  Is this possible in ALM or have a  missed a setting?



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  • prabhu
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    @alismith  - Check whether you have list items in Rate Range L1 List.


    Because, when you set a list as product data in dev environment, and after performing sync to prod.

    Only the structure(properties and subset) of the list will be moved to prod, not the list items.


    so first import the Rate Range L1 and then try performing the action.


    Let me know if u still face the problem.