ALM Production Model - Changes to Dashboards and Saved Views in Modules


We recently started using ALM a couple of months ago and are still learning.  I had two questions related to making changes in the Production Models as workspace administrators.  


1) Dashboard changes - Is there a way to make changes to dashboards in the production model as a workspace administrator?  This is not for Personal dashboards, but changes we may want to make for all customers so the Dashboard view is updated for all.


2) Saved Views - Is there a way to save views for modules in the production model?  

When trying to make changes to accomplish both of the above, I get the following message:  
Deployed Mode is enabled for this model. You do not have permission to change structural data.

I know we can make the change in the Development model and then bring it over with a Revision Tag, but we would like to limit that as much as possible.





  • hi @svbhagat 


    Deployed mode is the mode in which structural data of the model is non editable,


    Dashboard changes and creating saved views are structural/design changes for a model and hence cant be made directly in the production model,


    you would have to do the changes in the structurally compatible dev model and then sync these changes via revision tag, 


    in case you want to implement urgent hotfixes to prod model without impact on existing development model , please view this link, it tells about how to fix production issues



    Else you can change the model mode of the production model from deployed to standard but it has adverse implications as the sync will be broken


  • Hello @Kanishq17 ,

    Thanks for that update and the additional link for any urgent fixes we may need to put in place.