ALM through Anaplan REST APIs




We want to integrate ALM for Anaplan models with our existing internal infrastructure for ALM. Is there a way to manage that externally (not from Anaplan UI) using some controls.




  • I don't think there is any endpoints for these nor have I heard about it. I'll double check

  • Thanks. That would be really helpful.



  • Unfortunately there are no endpoints for ALM at this time. 



  • Thanks for confirming.

  • Hi @Anju Kansal ,


    We recently released the first set of ALM APIs that will enable you to run ALM synchronizations via API and integrate ALM with your existing internal infrastructure. The new set of ALM APIs includes five endpoints:

    • Change a model’s online status - Use this endpoint to change the model’s status between online and offline

    • Create a model sync task - Use this endpoint to set up and execute a model synchronization task (model sync task)

    • Retrieve latest revision - Use this endpoint to retrieve the target revision ID needed for your model sync task

    • Retrieve compatible source model revisions - Use this endpoint to retrieve and select the source revision ID needed for your model sync task

    • Retrieve model sync task info - Use this endpoint to check the progress status of your model sync

    Here you can find the available documentation for each endpoint:  


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