May 2020 Release Updates


May 2020 Release Updates

Did you check out the latest features released in May 2020. Here is the link for full updates and a sneak peak at June

May 2020 Releases and Sneak Peek at June - Anaplan Community

There are a lot of features that are released but here are the details about some of the amazing features released in May

1.Short Cut Keys for Refresh & Undo: You can use Alt+R for Refresh and Ctrl+Z/CMD+Z for undoing the single last entry in New UX

2.Grid Sizing: You can resize the Worksheet Grids by clicking on ellipsis (three dot) on top right corner of your grid and you can change it to Large or Small from Default



3.Worksheet Insights Panel Updates: You can resize Additional Insights Panel of the Worksheet. The panel resizing is also available for drill-down and other grid configs such as filter and show selections.





4.Chart Configuration Updates: You can directly edit the chart card and can change the card configuration from the panel on the right hand side. This allows you to save some time by not going back and forth. This is applicable for both Board and Worksheet Pages



Note: You need to be in Page Designer mode

5.New Charts Introduced in the Chart Library: Scatter Chart, Bubble Chart, Donut Chart and additional feature in Waterfall Chart


6.Filter Board Grids: You can filter Grid cards on the Board Pages. Simply hover over the card and the funnel gets activated


7. Greater Calculation Scale: Constraint Limit for RANK, RANKCUMULATE & ISFIRSTOCCURENCE functions have been increased from 10 million cells to 50 million cells.

8.Visitors Page on Tenant Admin Console: This feature provides visibility for Tenant Admins to users who are temporarily in the customers’ tenant. Tenant admins can also assign Page builder access to such users.


Anaplan claims to have this idea delivered in month. I doubt that this idea has been delivered yet, we are not even able to open the source module from the main cards of NUX let alone opening it from drill down. Do you see this Idea delivered? @VickiA