Option to Tie Time Range to Current Period


In an effort to reduce sparsity and improve in every aspect of "PLANS" from the planual, having the ability to attach time ranges to the model's current period would help in so many ways.

As an example, in a model set as a "Calendar Months/Quaters/Years" Calendar Type, adding time Ranges that are Current Year, Current Year and Next Year, Previous Year, Qtrs only, etc. allows for flexibility with certain line items if they are only relevant for certain time ranges.

In a module that is focused on forcasting next year, I would never need previous year information if the model is a 3 year model. Alternatively if I am focusing the model as a 2 year model and I need to display a trend for a single dashboard/worksheet/dashboard, it makes little sense to hold 3 years of data throughout the model when the vast majority of it will either be hidden, empty, or ineffectual.

Being able to 'attach' the Current Period to those Time Ranges, when the Year of Year roll over occurs, my process no longer requires going into Time Ranges to roll over all of those time ranges. Dependent on the Calendar Type would change the settings of how the ranges attach to the Current Period, in this example, the flagged ranges would move with the Start Period being a +/- from the current period, which would use the year from the current period.

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