Allow Time Ranges to move dynamically in relation to the Model Calendar

Allow Time Ranges to move dynamically in relation to the Model Calendar

Currently when creating a time range you select the start of the range and then the number of periods. When you come to roll over the model to a new year those Time Ranges need to be reviewed to see whether they also need to be rolled forward. What I would like is the ability to decide whether the start of a time range is linked to the start of the model calendar. So if my model calendar is FY19 I might create a time range History which I want to be 5 years prior to the start of my model calendar. So I tick a box for "Dynamic" and then enter a number of -5 to determine the start of my time range. A negative indicates a date before the start of my model calendar a positive after and zero means it is aligned but may contain a different number of years or summary options. When a model is moved forward a year then any Dynamic Time Ranges would be automatically updated.

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Great idea Nick, definitely a worthwhile requirement.

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This would be nice to have. Rather than updating the model calendar, and each individual time range, having an option to be dynamic, and update with the model calendar would be nice. 

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This is also related to getting "Today's date" via a function within the model.