Allow Time Ranges to move dynamically in relation to the Model Calendar

Currently when creating a time range you select the start of the range and then the number of periods. When you come to roll over the model to a new year those Time Ranges need to be reviewed to see whether they also need to be rolled forward. What I would like is the ability to decide whether the start of a time range is linked to the start of the model calendar. So if my model calendar is FY19 I might create a time range History which I want to be 5 years prior to the start of my model calendar. So I tick a box for "Dynamic" and then enter a number of -5 to determine the start of my time range. A negative indicates a date before the start of my model calendar a positive after and zero means it is aligned but may contain a different number of years or summary options. When a model is moved forward a year then any Dynamic Time Ranges would be automatically updated.

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Great idea Nick, definitely a worthwhile requirement.

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