ALM and SELECT clause on a Line Item Subset

Hi Anaplan community,


I am wondering if I will be able to setup ALM if I have a SELECT clause selecting one list item of my line item subset.


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  • Misbah
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    You shouldn't have any issues. But you can still go ahead and replace SELECT with LOOKUP. 


    Create a dimensionless module and insert one line item. Format that line item on LIS that you have and pick one of items from the LIS that you want to hardcode.

  • rob_marshall
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    As @Misbah you shouldn't have any issues as those line item subsets are not production lists, but it is still best to use Lookups.  To do this, create a SYS LISS properties module with the LISS as the Applies To.  Now you can use it like any other properties module.