Anaplan User activity Record from History


I need to make application for ANAPLAN in which I can load per day user activity in the model building , any idea what can work ?

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  • Misbah
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    If the data that is stored in Anaplan Model History is sufficient for your requirement then you can 


    Export the Data in .txt format

    Create a list and upload it mapping with Unique ID from the exported file

    Upload the data from the same exported file into the Staging module dimensioned by List you created in Step 2

    Create the reporting module and display the stats


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  • @PratyakshDua01 


    For Anaplan? Anaplan already keeps record of such data in their systems but if you are saying that you want to create an app in Anaplan then also you have to get the required data from Anaplan which I believe gets stored in Splunk 

  • Basically I need to create a dashboard that shows count of per day user activity in a respective model, for that I need a User ID but that's also creating a hurdle to add in dimension.

  • Is it possible to export history in CSV format?

  • @PratyakshDua01 


    No, we don't have a choice there. It throws out in txt format

  • Thanks a lot for your contribution.😀