Workspace for Data Hub


How do we decide/suggest customer that we need a different workspace for data Hub?

Do we have any other benefits of having different workspace for data hub other than User segregation?


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    But I wanted to know what is the  difference between having data Hub & spoke model in the same workspace and in difference workspace?
    Which should we prefer? How do we decide that?




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    Very good question and the answer centers around security and segregation of duties.  95+% of the time, we see data hubs in their own workspace as the owners of the data hub can be a different team, not always, but usually.  Since actions can span across workspaces, having data hubs and spoke models in different workspaces is not a big deal and is recommended to keep the overhead of the workspace down.


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    We have a follow-up question if we keep data hub model and spoke models(Demand planning model) in different workspace. Let's say we collect 3 years of sales history into data hub to generate statistical forecast in demand planning model. It has consumed some space (Eg 2 GB). Should we also copy the same data into demand planning model again to generate Statistical forecast in demand planning model. If so don't we use double space to store the same data in different models? Please help to understand this better.




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    Only bring in the data at the level (granularity) you need into the spoke models.  So, if you have transactional (daily level) data in the hub but only use Monthly level data in the spoke model, only bring that into the spoke model.  Understand what data you really need for that model and what granularity and only bring that in.