August 2020 Release Updates


August 2020 Release Updates

Did you check out the latest features released in August 2020? Here is the link for full updates and a sneak peek at August Release and Sneak Peek at September

My Top Pick features are

Flexible Time Labelling: Workspace admins can label their models on the main Time Page of the model. It will be useful in cases like when instead of FY (Fiscal Year) you want to display Calendar Year (CY) in your model timescales. Note: This will be only two letter entry for Admins.




Manage Users in Bulk: Meaning Workspace admins can delete users in bulk. Ctrl + Click on users and hit “Delete Users” option.


Bulk Cell Delete: Earlier it wasn’t possible in NUX to bulk delete the cells. Now this feature is available in NUX. Use “delete” key (Fn+Backspace for Mac)

Copy and Paste You can now copy, paste, and delete contiguous/adjacent cell selections and entire rows and columns. Screenshot below for deleting entire column. Apparently Anaplan still has upper limit of Copying & Pasting of 10,000 cells. If it doesn’t paste or delete it means the selected cells are more than the upper limit. (C’mon NUX team at least Classic UX used to throw error, NUX doesn’t do anything. It might be confusing)



Insert Multiple list items: In a Grid card of your worksheet use right click. List of options will pop up and select Insert multiple items ( between 1 and 1000). Needless to say this is applicable to modules dimensioned by numbered lists. You can also change the parent from the selected options.




Gantt chart Conditional Formatting: You can conditionally format your milestone and bars of your Gantt chart based on the logic. What that means is that you can have different colors of each bar and milestone. However one important thing to notice is that you will have to apply conditional formatting in Custom Views first as this will not work if your saved view is conditionally formatted.

Front end:






Preview/Draft/Publish Pages/Save Changes: New features on Page designer mode of NUX.


  • Thank you @Misbah 

    Such an awesome way to help us understand what's changed is by giving us an example. Thank you, thank you.

    My favorite is the Gantt chart formatting. Just thinking of all the cool things we can do with promotional planning.

  • @JaredDolich 


    Gantt is my favorite too but look out for September Release even more cool Gantt is coming - Dynamic Gantt. Apparently we can move milestones on the Gantt to see an impact on the dates. Basically front to back. I am eagerly waiting for that feature to be out. This will be the first time we do such kind of stuff