Timestamp - Current Time (Formula)


Hi there,


I realise this is not something new or possibly already somethere out there ... but wanted to raise it (possibly again) to show how important that would be.


There are instances that multiple users are using the system.

Sometimes there is a case that those same users use exactly the same processes/actions.


Given they may run those on different set of data ... since it can be set like this, it would really benefit from a simple timestampt (or current time) formula.


Honestly ... it is somewhere in the history as when looking at that we can see dates and time 🙂


Therefore I think it could be driven by that [whatever is doing that in the background :)]


Some ideas on what this formula would do or work in conjunction with others:


1. Timestamp - flexible

We may not need seconds ... or even minutes sometimes, so it should be able to customise.


2. Timestamp - format

We all have different date formats, but for time it would also be useful to have 2 views (am/pm) or 24h.


I would think the best way would be to put the output of that formula as TEXT.

I know it is heavy, but at least the format would be possible.


It would then be possible to convert it into a number and do a filters or any other interesting things with it 🙂


3. Timestamp - Value

The value the formula would return would be unique for each user, but linked (match) the one that we see in the history - as the whole point is to easily be able to link it with something else.




I realise there are workarounds .... and in my team we have used that (scripts to return current time) and then import that.

I think this would allow so much new checks and functions.

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